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Artist born in the city of Guantánamo, Cuba, in January 1961, resident in Spain since childhood, he was trained by participating in the Spanish-Cuban culture that characterizes him so much, cultivating areas such as music, painting and sculpture.


In Madrid and for 6 years, he trained in the workshop of the master Ángel Gainza, a stage in which he acquired techniques that have allowed him, later, to develop his own style, reflecting on the canvas a very suggestive work with great dreamlike content.


His work, described as precious, is present in numerous collections spread over different countries.


Despite the fact that his work is recognized from an early age, he does not hold exhibitions on a regular basis. In 1980 he exhibited at the El Treco Gallery in Madrid, where he would exhibit again on other occasions.


In 1982, a collection of drawings was exhibited at the Las Mercedes Gallery in Caracas in an exhibition held together with his teacher.


In June 1999 he obtained the first prize for rapid painting from the Concha Márquez Foundation, a contest he attended by invitation.


In 1999, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies, he exhibited at that institute together with other artists. In the same year he would exhibit on two more occasions: CC Puerta de Toledo, Arteamérica and at the Azteca Gallery in Madrid, in an exhibition by the Concha Márquez Foundation entitled "Proposals and Answers".



CC Moraleja Green. Madrid, Spain.


Ayllón Exhibition Hall. Madrid, Spain.


CC Santo Domingo. Madrid, Spain.


Clubhouse. Madrid, Spain.


JG Gallery Madrid, Spain.


JG Gallery Madrid, Spain.


Dreams of Light Gallery. Madrid Spain.


JG Gallery Madrid, Spain.

Ramses. Madrid, Spain.

Museum of the Schools. Guadalajara, Spain.

Cuban Essence Gallery. Madrid Spain.


Escurialense Athenaeum. El Escorial, Spain.

Museum of the Schools. Guadalajara, Spain.


FAIM Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses. Madrid, Spain.


International Art Show. Miami, USA.

Escurialense Athenaeum. El Escorial, Spain.


JG Gallery Madrid, Spain.

Wing Gallery. Madrid Spain.

Big Casino. Palma de Majorca, Spain.


JG Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

FAIM Independent Art Fair. Madrid, Spain.

Nautical Club. Benidorm, Spain.

Museum of the Americas. Miami, USA.

International Summer Exhibition. Miami, USA.


Museum of Contemporary Art of Santo Domingo. Guadalajara, Spain.

Hermitage of San Roque - Municipal Exhibition Hall. Siguenza, Spain.

Hermitage of San Jose. Siguenza, Spain.


Aztec Gallery. Madrid, Spain.


CC Gate of Toledo. Madrid, Spain.

Aztec Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

Egyptian Institute. Madrid, Spain.


El Treco Gallery. Madrid, Spain.


El Treco Gallery. Madrid, Spain.


El Treco Gallery. Madrid, Spain.


Las Mercedes Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.  

El Treco Gallery. Madrid, Spain.


El Treco Gallery. Madrid, Spain.


El Treco Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

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