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  our artists | Martha Moran

Spanish artist born in Valladolid in 1976.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, she completed the research proficiency and thesis  of the doctorate in Fine Arts at the University of Valencia. He currently exhibits at the Abartium Gallery  (Vic, Barcelona) and exhibits with the Van Gogh Gallery at the Paris Art Fair. Soon he will collaborate in the exhibition Between cultures "Atlántico" with Portuguese and Spanish artists in the Zorrilla hall in Valladolid and in Lisbon. It will also collaborate with Gallery Van Gogh of Madrid in the collective exhibition of June.


Awarded by the Junta de Castilla y León in the Young Creators contest with the exhibition of one of his works in different parts of the national territory.

Awarded at the Van Dick Contest in Salamanca.

Awarded in the Contest of Young Asturian creators for the realization of an individual exhibition in the Cultural Center of the arts from Avilés.

Stands out from  his professional career the realization of  various assignments  sculptures in recent years by non-governmental entities. Currently working for one of them.

Among the past exhibitions carried out by the artist, those held in Lisbon at the MAC Gallery and in the OIKOS space stand out, as well as the individual exhibition at the São Jorge Castle in Lisbon, collective exhibition at the Dilab Gallery (Valladolid) and in the Equality Center of Castilla y León.


Collective exhibition in the LACAN art space in Valladolid, in the  exhibition hall La Vidriera de Camargo  (Santander) and  at the Broadway exhibition hall in Valladolid.

He has held various exhibitions at the Spy Glass gallery in Bristol (UK) and in cultural centers where he has directed various projects of cultural integration of Somali women through Painting.

Being a board member of the Black Orkid Center in San Pauls Bristol.

Director of the ethnic minorities project with the financial support of Adventur Playgraund & Park. Bristol City Council "BIG TIME" programme.

She has collaborated with the University and the Ateneo de Valladolid, holding various conferences with their corresponding published books entitled "La mujer en Feminino", "Revolutionary and transgressive women",  and presentations of the book "La Mujer en Feminino" at the Patio Herreriano Museum in Valladolid.

Edition of the Book of Engravings together with the Grupo Aguafuerte inspired by Kafka and publications of articles on art for the Revista del Ateneo de Valladolid.

He has made presentations at the International Congress of Art Critics with his subsequent publications.

Currently Jury Member of the VI International Biennial of the Aguafuerte Group of Valladolid.

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