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Marta Morán's Art Exhibition at Eurostars Hotel Reconquista 5* Oviedo

At ArteActual we continue betting on #art and doing it toghether with the Eurostars hotel chain of the Hotusa group, and we have the pleasure of telling you about our latest art exhibition that takes place in a very, very special location: the Eurostars Hotel de la Reconquista 5* in Oviedo, Asturias.

And you may wonder, what makes this #hotel so special? Well, since there are many reasons and we don't really know where to start... we'll list some of them:

  • More than 200 years of history, tradition, luxury and nobility have made it an international symbol of Asturias.

  • It is an 18th-century complex, in the Baroque style, and has been listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1973.

  • Thirty years pampering the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo: it is one of the two main venues together with the Campoamor Theatre, hosting the reception and the stay of the winners and the royal family before and after the ceremony. Exceptionally, in 2020 and due to COVID-19, it was also the venue for the awards ceremony, which was held behind closed doors.

  • In addition to its 142 rooms, here you will see a carpet of no more and no less than 250 meters that covers the floor of the hall; as well as two spectacular courtyards, an octagonal chapel designed by the architect Ventura Rodríguez; the works of outstanding Asturian painters such as Mariano Moré, Purón Sotres, Adolfo Bartolomé and Vaquero Palacio, a gastronomic space, the La Regenta restaurant, which combines tradition and avant-garde; and a complete convention center with more than 9,000 m2.

  • Its location: in the heart of Oviedo, it is at the junction point between the old quarter and the financial and commercial centre. The Campoamor theatre, the Príncipe Felipe exhibition center or the Llamaquique train station in Oviedo are some of the enclaves in the city that you can visit just a few minutes' walk from the hotel.

Pictures of the Eurostars Hotel Reconquista (Eurostars website)

Now that you are located and you have plenty of reasons to visit this fantastic hotel, we are going to give you the last thing you need to finish convincing you: the sculpture exhibition by the artist from Valladolid Marta Morán.

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca and a doctorate from the University of Valencia, Marta Morán has shown her sculptural work around Spain and Europe in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bristol and Paris, among others. Her creative display has led her to direct projects of social involvement, including "Ethnic Minorities" in collaboration with Adventur Playground & Park and the Bristol City Council, or, participating in conferences with the University and Ateneo de Valladolid "La Mujer in

Femenido” and “Revolutionary and transgressive women”.

She is currently a board member of the Black Orkid Center in San Pauls de Bristol and a jury member of the VI International Biennial of the Aguafuerte Group of Valladolid.

The prizes received by the Junta de Castilla y León in the Young Creators Contest, in the Van Dick Contest in Salamanca and in the Young Asturian Creators Contest stand out.

On this occasion, the sculptural ensemble that makes up the art exhibition manages to recreate the fluidity of water in each of its pieces. Marta Morán intends to capture in her sculptural work the movement and essence of water through the solid material of her pieces. For the artist, “water can take countless forms but always maintains its essence; it is purity, depth, spirituality, transparency, beauty... But above all it is synonymous with life”. As a result, the viewer can see that, despite the solidity of the works, they are endowed with infinite fluidity and malleability.

The Conexión Asturias TV program, from Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias, has not missed this art exhibition and has conducted an interview with the artist in which she speaks to us in first person about this very special exhibition, bringing it closer to all its viewers and also inviting them to visit it .

Catálogo Expo Marta Morán E. Reconquista
Download PDF • 8.82MB

We leave at your disposal the catalog of the exhibition, which will remain open to the public until July 1 at the Eurostars Hotel de la Reconquista 5*.

Finally, here is a summary video of the exhibition, see you in Oviedo!

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