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Nuestros artistas | Álvaro Peña     

Plastic artist. Degree in Political Science and Sociology.

Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of Alfonso X “El Sabio”.


2016    Finalist International Prize for Contemporary Painting EUREKA, Rome.

2015   Selected International Prize for Contemporary Painting EUREKA, Rome.

2013   Art and Culture Award. Ruralmur, Murcia.

2012   Institutional Award for Solidarity. FEBHI, Madrid.

2011   Selected Foundation Award  Innocent, innocent. Madrid.


Individual exhibitions


"Abracadabra" Royal Casino of Murcia. Upper Room, Murcia.

"When Noise Has Heart II" ICA. Exhibition Space City Hall of Lorquí, Murcia.

"When noise has a heart" ICA. Santomera Exhibition Hall, Murcia.

"When noise has a heart" ICA. Museum of San Javier, Murcia.

“WOW” video installation. Take away process. Video juice. The Fifth of the Deaf, Madrid.

The Colarossi Academy Club 8 Space, Murcia.

“WOW” Hall of Exhibitions Town Halls. Mazarron, Murcia.

"The Perfumed Shadows" San Juan de Dios Museum. Orihuela, Alicante.

"Diva Project 2" Work on paper. Hispanic restaurant, Murcia.

"Diva Project" Francisco Duayer Gallery, Madrid.


"Sidely Lyric" Art Market Gallery. Marbella, Malaga.

"Pasaulis Geysuses" KM space. Kaunas, Lithuania.

"Between the divine and the banal" Art Space of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius, Lithuania.


"Ephemeral happiness" Decibelius Room, Seville.

"Resurrecting Kiki" The Assumption Room. Albacete.

Garsy Atspalviai Kaunas Castle Art Space. Lithuania.

"The Noise" Basement, Art Space. Murcia.

"Humanum Est" Idol Center. White, Murcia.

"Oniria" High room. Royal Casino of Murcia.

"human warm" Basement, Art Space. Murcia.


"The Impossible Passions" Infanta Cristina Exhibition Hall. Beniel, Murcia.

"Androgyny" San Pedro del Pinatar Art Space. Murcia.

"Dandy Orb" Art Gallery “La Algorfa de San Sebastián”. Cieza, Murcia.

"The Pleasures of Hell" Decibelius Room, Seville.


"Con-figurations" Adolfo Domínguez Cultural Space. Saragossa.

"The Pleasures of Hell" Museum of Light and the water. White, Murcia.


"Delicious Lyric" The Garden exhibition hall. Molina de Segura, Murcia.

"The Cabaret of Lost Dreams" Second pass. Romea 3 Gallery, Murcia.


"The Cabaret of Lost Dreams"  Caja Murcia Foundation, Madrid.

"Arena" Union Alcoyana Exhibition Hall. Alcoi, Alicante.


"When the world ends in your garden" The Recova. Art Space. Madrid.

"Sequences Under the Cloak" Royal Casino of Murcia.

"The Art T" Bullfighting Museum of Alicante.


"Counterflow"  Los Baños Archaeological Museum. Alhama of Murcia.

"ephemeral"  Archive Cafe. Regional Archive of Murcia.


"In the pool" Caja Murcia Big Week. Cehegin, Murcia.

"Flora and Rag" Chys Gallery. Murcia.

"For humor to the neighbor" Showroom. San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia.


"I ask the permission to talk" The English Court. Murcia.


"Light Album" Earth Gallery. Murcia.


"Alvaro a la natural" Archena Cultural Center. Murcia.

"Blancalia" White Municipal Hall. Murcia.

group exhibitions  


"Tourism with art" Belloni, Pasolini, DaVinci. Statale Artistic Lyceum. Nervi, Italy.

"Let's save Monteagudo" High Room Royal Casino of Murcia.

"My Inner World" Spain Art 13 One. Fuente Álamo Museum, Murcia.

"Languages with soul" Book Fair. Exhibition room Regional Library, Murcia.

Shared Visions 7 Plus One Art Project. Miami. Florida, USA.

"graphic identities" CE3Gallery. Museum of Fuente Álamo, Murcia.

"contemporary look" Quadrifoglio Art Gallery. Rh. Milano, Italy.

"Hispanic Bronzes" The new silk road. Zone 201. CIFIS 2018 Fair. Beijing, China.

"Exposition in favor of AFADECA" Leucade Gallery. Murcia.

"Double Dawn" Babel Gallery. Murcia.

MSF. Doctors without borders. Exhibition Hall of Blanca. Murcia.

"Contemporary Allegories" CE3 Gallery. ARTSUR Art Festival 2018. Cordoba. Andalusia.

Solidarity against breast cancer. Murcia Park. Murcia.

Cabin Art 2018. Art Fair. Malaga, Andalusia.

2018 XXX Mural. Palimpsest concept. Museum Night. Byzantine wall. Cartagena, Murcia.

"BookObject"  Artist's Notebooks. Byzantine wall. Cartagena, Murcia.

"Tra Sacro e Profano"  Diocesan and Capitol Museum. Terni, Italy.

"In favor of the indigenous peoples of Paraguay" UNESCO Center. Exhibition room Hotel Siete Coronas. Murcia.

Soap Project . Charity in favor of the indigenous communities of the Bolivian Amazon. The Scenic Chimney, Murcia.

Murals San Isidro 2018 . An open-air museum. Work "The day he said goodbye to the Sun" Orihuela, Alicante.

“30 Giorni”. Palace of the Bargello. Gubio, Italy.

"Neither you marry nor you embark"  ISEN room. Cartagena, Murcia.



EXE 2017. A year of exhibitions in the region of Murcia. Veronicas room. Murcia.

"Found Paths. From Florida to the World"  Art Concept Alternative Gallery. San Juan de Dios Hall Museum. Orihuela, Alicante.

MOA (Metropol Opening Art) . Seville.

"The plate project"  RawSpace. Art Concept Alternative Gallery. Florida, USA.

"Creative Genres"  Pedreño Palace, Caja Murcia Foundation. Cartagena, Murcia.

Pentastrattisti Contemporary Art Exhibition . Palazzo Pinzinni-Carlotti. Garda, Italy.

"Religious and sacred art"  Babel Gallery. Murcia.

"Fantasies of Calliope and Psyche"  Convent of San Jose. Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia.

"Heryca. The Voyages of Sirius"  Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena and Cartagena City Hall. Murcia.

"6Odd6"  Russian Art Gallery. Russia, Bulgaria.

"Mediterranean Memory"  Castle of Torredembarra, Tarragona.

“La Nacional” Spanish Benevolent Society. New York, US.

"Cycles of life"  Liverpool Station. San Diego. California, USA.

"The Cross Axis"  White Exhibition Hall. Murcia.

"Captive of the Beautiful Wound"  Byzantine wall. Cartagena, Murcia.

"Captive of the Beautiful Wound"  Exhibition Hall of Blanca. Murcia.

"In a sea of memory"  White Viki Gallery. Gijon.

"Passionate 2017"  Old Garage Military Government of Cartagena. Murcia.

"Women: It's all about us!" Milander Center. Hialeah, Florida, USA.

ART3F International Art Fair. Toulouse, France.

ART3F International Art Fair. Paris France.

"Coordinate 37.6-0.9" Hernández Art Gallery. Milano, Italy.

"Captive of the Beautiful Wound"  Archaeological Museum of Murcia.

“Eclosión” Project Egg in Plaza Sto. Sunday. Murcia.


Almoneda Fair . Art and Collecting. Lola Catala Gallery, Madrid.

"Microworlds 1.20"  MicroMuseums Project in Apo`strophe Gallery. Vigo.

Cultural Change Gallery . Progress Gallery 80,  Murcia.

"Lifecycles"  Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, California, USA.

"kravak"  The Company Art Space. Caravaca de la Cruz. Murcia.

"IV Urban Contest Pentastrattismo". Palace of Culture. Reggio Calabria, Italy.

"Lifecycles"  Egyptian Theatre. Los Angeles, California, USA.

"Made in Spain"  Silbernagi Undergallery Gallery, Daverio. Varese, Italy.

"Integer Textile Interpretations"  International Exhibition in the City Hall of Maracena. Grenade.

"Party"  Babel Gallery,  Murcia.

"The Light, The Echo"  Regional Museum of Contemporary Art of the Region of Murcia. MURAM. Cartagena, Murcia.

"Criminal Art"  Paraninfo room. University of Murcia.

"The Tropics Burn"  Art Gallery FNAC Murcia.

"The ant"  El Batel exhibition hall,  Cartagena.

RAIS Foundation Exhibition. upper room,  Royal Casino of Murcia.

"Posters for the City"  Municipal pictorial collection. Museum of the City,  Murcia.


"Atmosphere and transparency"  six looks. Pedro Cano Foundation. White, Murcia.

"The Fine Science"  XI Hall of Critics. Parraga Center, Murcia.

"I Nemaline"  House of Folklore. Cieza, Murcia.

"Exhibition of Murcian Artists"  Infanta Elena Cultural Center. Sewer, Murcia.

"Funds I"  High room. Royal Casino of Murcia.

Solidarity Week in favor of Astrapace. Cobalt Gallery, Murcia.

"We paint Murcia"  Royal Casino of Murcia.

"Mor & Cris Medievarte"  Archaeological Museum of Murcia.

Selected EUREKA International Prize for Contemporary Painting , Sala Caffé Letterario, Rome.

"Eclectic IV"  Helios Gallery. Timisoara, Romania.

"With C for Color"  Angel Cantero Gallery. Lion.

VI International Exhibition of Contemporary Art VIVE-ARTE 2015 . Maria Nieves Marin Gallery,  Estremadura.

"Eclectic III"  Auditorium and Conference Center “Infanta Doña Elena”. Eagles,  Murcia.

"Social Humour"  Exhibition Hall University of Alicante.

International Poster Exhibition. Carlos Enriquez Gallery. Remedies, Cuba.

"Eclectic II"  Gregorio Cabría Exhibition Hall. Town hall of Totana, Murcia.


Christmas collective. Teresa Talaverano Gallery, Seville.

Aukso Piuvis Gallery , Lithuania.

FIARTE International Art Fair. P. Stulga Museum in Kaunas,  Lithuania.

"Eclectic"  Murcia Chamber of Commerce. Murcia.

"Ravel's Magnetic Fields"  Center Black, White, Murcia.

Sample Wine Painting. Painted House Foundation. Cristobal Gabarron Museum. Mule, Murcia.

Spanish artists in Kaunas. Kaunas Castle Exhibition Hall, Kaunas, Lithuania.

"Synapse"  Lefkada Gallery. Murcia.

"A Lost Generation...or Two"  Aifos Exhibition Hall, University of Alicante.

Cultural Change Gallery . Progress Gallery 80,  Murcia.

Collective Pop Up Gallery,  Barcelona.

"Wine Painting"  Bullas Wine Museum,  Murcia.

1st collective 2014 GIGARPE. Gigarpe Gallery, Cartagena.

Sample Wine Painting. Ramon Alonso Luzzy Center,  Cartagena.


"Painting the Wind and the Moon on Parchment. Fans and Tambourines"  Museum of the City,  Murcia.

"Migrants 2013" L'Immigrazione e L'Accoglienza.

Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti Rovereto. Trento, Italy.


"Art to remember II" Sala El Jardín Molina de Segura, Murcia.

II Meeting of painting the wine. MUBAM, Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia.

"Human Rights? 2013"  Former convent of the Frati Francescani Neri. Specchia – Lecce, Italy.

Great Hall . Niceto Alcalá Zamora Museum. Priego, Cordoba.

"Landscapes in watercolor"  Sky Gallery Arts, Barcelona.

Spring Hall. Emma Gallery, Madrid.

Crearium Gallery.  Monzon, Huesca.

Spanish artists in Portugal.  Geraldes da Silva Gallery.  Porto, Portugal.

Emma Gallery Anniversary. Madrid.

"Painters with Wine"  Hermitage of San José – Jumilla, Murcia.

"Painters with Wine"  Bullas Wine Museum, Murcia.

"Show him your love with art 20.16"  Soy Ribera. Cordova.

"Painting the Love"  Behind the Roll Gallery, Murcia.

Special bow  -  Gallery EMMA Madrid.


"Christmas-Art" Gallery R-46, Murcia.

"Abartium Collection" La Encartada Museum, Bizkaia.

"Bread&Co" Exhibition Hall, Regional Archive of Murcia.

"Solidarity for the Love of Art" Open Classrooms. Mercantile Circle of Vigo.

"9 Painters, 9 Spaces" University of Murcia Museum.

Rosales Gallery 46. New Condominium, Murcia.

"Ambigu- Romea Tribute to Tenorio"  Murcia.

"Painting in solidarity with the Guadalhorce" Alora, Andalusia.

Rosales Gallery 46.  Molina de Segura, Murcia.

"Painters in solidarity with mental illness" FUSAMEN Caja Murcia Culture Classroom - Cieza and CROEM Exhibition Hall, Murcia.

Centennial Bullring of Cieza.  Black Gallery, Cieza.


"Murcia 10.0" Zoco Tower, Murcia.


Contemporary Art Fair of Marbella. MARB ART 2010 "Urban Notebooks" Marbella.


"For Freedom of the Press" Segovia.


"The book makes you free"  University of Alicante.

Exhibition on Climate Change . Itinerant Andalusia.

VI Art Exhibition for a dream.  Chinguetti Foundation.

"Art for Human Rights"  International Amnesty. Polytechnic University of Cartagena.


II Show “La Terra en Perill”.  Union of Valencian journalists. CAM Valencia.

Molinea Collective. Molina de Segura prison room.

"Art to Remember"  Molina de Segura prison room.

I International Meeting in Granada.

World Cup  America (Travelling).

"Gender equality"  General Foundation of the University of Alcalá.

"Specula in Action"  Traveling through Spain.


Freeze you in February. Salzillo Gallery, Cieza.


"Strokes and pieces that weave reality".  Feco (Spain) Santomera Municipal Hall, Murcia.


Tribute to JM Campillo. Cotillas Towers, Murcia.

Artworks in organizations and institutions

Municipal pictorial collection. Murcia City Council.

Albacete Provincial Council Collection.

Royal Casino Collection of Murcia.

Spazio-Tempo-Arte Foundation Collection of Verona, Italy.

Alfonso Ortega Sánchez Collection. Alfonso Ortega Foundation.

Francisco de Quevedo Foundation. Tower of Juan Abad, Ciudad Real.

Municipality of Molina de Segura, Murcia.

Archaeological Museum of Alhama de Murcia.

Municipal Bullfighting Museum of Alicante.

City Hall of Archena, Murcia.

Brotherhood Museum Cristo del Amparo, Murcia.

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