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Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain, December 20, 1963.

Chicote CFC attends his elementary, high school and pre-university studies at the “Juan XXIII Study Center” in Alcorcón (Madrid). At a young age begins to show symptoms of a great sense and artistic sensitivity, qualities that allow him the faculty of, barely 12 years old, to make his first works of a certain degree of complexity through the use of techniques such as tempera, watercolor, inks or oil.

After a first walk in his childhood as a self-taught person, with the only method and reference of study the observation and imitation of the classics of art as well as the avant-garde of surrealism and abstraction of the time, he decides in 1984 in order to complement and develop his artistic faculties, entering the "Centre for Academic Studies of Art - Artium" in Madrid - Spain (governed by "D. Eduardo Peña", notable painter and heir to a consolidated generational saga of plastic artists) all accompanied by various incursions into activities of various business and economic nature. His artwork begins to intermingle painting with elements and mixed techniques.

During all this time he manages to enter more deeply into the artistic world, participating in collective exhibitions ("Eureka" gallery Duran Gallery - Antiques) and also begins to make accidental contact with the world of photography thanks to the numerous trips he carries out and that still today has not abandoned him, which allows him to progressively acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to make this field a new and particular method of expression and creativity.

In 1985 he participates as a collaborator and art critic in the biweekly newsletter "Nifer", Alcorcón - Madrid.

A start of studies in the branch of sciences and a great interest in new technologies have been determining factors for its rapid connection with new computer advances. At the same time that the media evolved and made it possible to have more agile creation tools, he was repairing and specializing in design and digital image as well as in the search for new ways of treating art. More than 25 years as a graphic designer, photographer, painter and in the world of digital art complete his career.

An insatiable thirst for both cultural, artistic and human knowledge has pushed him to continue traveling and to delve deeply into the world of photography, managing to gather plastic and documentary snapshots from more than 80 countries spread over five continents.

In 2012 he created the "Simbiosismo" or "Symbiotic Art" movement that fuses photography and painting as well as vision and cognition, all under a digital environment and wrapped in novel themes supported by a peculiar sociological study of the human environment, always charged from a background of social criticism in an attempt to "raise photography to the level of artistic work of a very high pictorial level and painting to excellent photographic optics".




The result of an extreme observation, highly reflective, with an irresistible need to externalize concerns prone to recapitulate on the basis of a new judgment all those principles that seem irrelevant have ended up being ignored, the artwork of Chicote CFC flees from accommodating itself in the monotony of monochrome shots and the simplicity of minimalism. Its atypical execution is resolved between an abundance of textures, limitless chromatic tones, punctual reflections and subtle transparencies.  half way to pretend veils.


Protected by the resources provided by new technologies, Chicote CFC conceives a new  way of making and treating art that he calls "Symbiosism" (symbiotic art) with which he has succeeded in blurring the boundaries between photography and painting. Digital support that despite having a wide range of traditional resources among its tools, it decides to abandon to focus on projecting works taking as a starting point snapshots collected throughout its many trips, which reveal at a glance the reliable range of lights and colors that photographic reality brings to its creation. He opts without a doubt to "raise photography to the level of artistic work of a very high pictorial level and painting to an excellent photographic optics".


His work, irremediably critical and pointed, highlights the faculty that the human being possesses to result from constructive motivation and destructive relaxation, an element that captivates the misfortune of others while obtaining the consolation of its own drama, who lives continuously protecting himself from his greed, selfishness and envy. His works do not aspire or attempt at any time to reflect those aspects that exalt beauty and human quality, but rather those issues that determine the crudeness and frivolity with which he acts in certain circumstances. It would be correct to say that he intends to put bandages on his hardships.


His work is deeply focused on a study exercise around the implanted doctrine of the incessant and stressful dynamism that human activity entails and that has undoubtedly far exceeded the rate of natural spontaneous change, to opt for a continuous process of construction and deconstruction.

This is a form of conception, this is my perception and this is my contribution.

"I have been trained in the best academies and with the best teachers,

I imbibed the work of all the geniuses that came before me."

Chicote CFC

event timeline

  • 1978. Participates in the Plastic Arts contest of the "Juan XXIII Center for Academic Studies" in Alcorcón (Madrid). He is awarded the 2nd Prize. Spain.

  • 1982. Tests of  admission to the Animation Studios "Hanna Barbera" USA, Madrid headquarters. United States.

  • 1983. Participates in the Plastic Arts contest for new artists in the "Sala Eureka" of the "Durán Antiques Gallery". Finalist. He is admitted to participate in the collective exhibition. Madrid. Spain.

  • 2016. Participates in the “Art Prize Emerging Artist of Luxembourg”. Luxembourg.

  • 2016. Participates in the "Art Prize MOCA Laguna" Venice. Italy.

  • 2016. Exhibits at the "4th International Symposium on Contemporary Art and Architecture"  architecture facuilty  Michoacán University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo. Mexico.

  • 2016. Participates in the "Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize" London. England.

  • 2016. Participates in "Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art". Italy.

  • 2016. Participates in “NordArt 2017 – Kunstwerk Carlshútte” Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf. Germany.

  • 2016. Participates in "Artavita Contest - Gateway Art Center New York City". Finalist. United States.

  • 2017. Participates in “The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition – Agora” New York. United States.

  • 2017. Takes part in “Its Liquid International Contest”. Venice. Italy

  • 2017. Participates in the "11th Puebla de los Angeles Biennial" Puebla de los Angeles. Mexico

  • 2017. He is admitted to the “Circle Foundation for the Arts”. France

  • 2017. Contemporary collective exhibition. Gallery "Abartium". Shut up. Barcelona. Spain

  • 2017. Individual Exhibition Gallery “Al Paso (Plants 1 and 2)” “Buero Vallejo Municipal Center for the Arts”. City Hall Alcorcón. Madrid. Spain

  • 2018. Individual exhibition "Coliseum of the arts". Ayto Villaviciosa de Odon. Madrid. Spain

  • 2018. Solo exhibition  Gallery "Abartium". Shut up. Barcelona. Spain


invited to participate

  • 2016. International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art "Art Mónaco". Principality of Monaco.

  • 2016. Exhibition "Effetto art" Ass. Cultural Partner EA Publishers. San Francisco de Asis. Italy

  • 2016. “Art Expo New York”.  International Art Fair. United States.

  • 2017. “Brickline Gallery” Collective exhibition London. England

  • 2016. "Art Fair Malaga" International Contemporary Art Fair. Malaga. Spain

  • 2017. “Hartexpo 2017” Hospitalet de Llobregat International Art Fair. Barcelona. Spain

  • 2017. “Personal Structures” Venice Biennale. Italy

  • 2017. Biennial of Art “Peschiera del Garda”. Italy

  • 2017. Art Fair “Visionary Art Show Italy”. Lecce. Italy

  • 2017. “BodySpaces Human+Hybrids” It`s Liquid Art Show. Buenos Aires. Argentina

  • 2017. “Anima Mundi” Biennial. Venice. Italy

  • 2017. UFOFabrik Contemporary Art Gallery. Madrid. Spain

  • 2017. Timeless Fragments Festival. PPLG Contemporary Art. Toast. Italy.

  • 2017. Spectrum Miami. World Wide Art. Artavite. Miami. United States.

  • 2017. 2nd International Prize “Leonardo da Vinci”. Florence. Italy

  • 2017. Dak`Arts 2018 International Sculpture and Painting Symposium. Senegal

  • 2017. 8th International Award "Combat Award". Livorno. Italy


Social networks / press


Publications (photography catalogs)

  1. Patagonia - 2005

  2. Thai Tribes - 2008

  3. Hells and Heavens - 2006

  4. Vietnam - 2007

  5. Antipodes - 2003

  6. Japan - 2005

  7. Boer & Bantu Trail - 2007

  8. Baltiya - 2006

  9. Pagan and the Khmer Empire - 2004

  10. Kilimanjaro - 2004

  11. Balkans - 2008

  12. Kemet - 2003

  13. Viking Domains - 1996

  14. Hittites - 1997

  15. Imperators & Popes - 1994

  16. Austro-Hungarian Empire - 1993

  17. Canada - 1998

  18. Tsars and Wallachians - 2001

  19. The Country of the Andes - 2009

  20. In the Wrath and in the Origin - 2002

  21. Bharat & Terai - 2002

  22. Pearls of the Orient - 1992

  23. Berber Canaan - 2000

  24. Tülbend Nahuatl - 1997

  25. Celts and Saxons - 2002

  26. Looking for Big Dreams - 1992

  27. Iberians - 2009

  28. Sunnis of the Sham - 2009

  29. Insulindia - 2010

  30. Benelux & Deutsch-French - 2010

  31. Selan - 2011

  32. Bolg & Bohemia - 2011

  33. Alaska - 2012

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To know the description of Chicote CFC del Simbiosismo, visit this link.

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