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Painting, photography or both...?

"Symbiosism" (Symbiotic Art) is undoubtedly the "evolution and future" of Art...

... basically consists of the symbiotic combination of:


Several artistic disciplines at the same time.

Technology and artistic talent.

Vision and cognition.


"Symbiosism" in plastic arts supposes a quantitative and qualitative leap in terms of technique and procedures, since its forms and methods had remained anchored in tradition with hardly any changes over hundreds of years, once again managing to position the painting suddenly at the zenith of the artistic and technological avant-garde of our time.


Painting is once again in the forefront of art after a period of uncertainty, doubt and lack of definition. During this time it has been displaced and relegated to a mere field of ancient mastery pushed and overlapped by other more dynamic areas of art such as cinema, design, animation, performance... that have evolved  more quickly.


"Symbiosism" does not intend to imitate or copy anything that has been done up to now, but instead seeks to create works that would otherwise be tediously difficult to achieve with only the resource of a few brushes and the artist's hand. The level of detail, perfection and agility that new media brings would be otherwise unthinkable without the help of technology.


"Symbiosism" is not something  unknown, it simply reappears in the forefront with a new conception and a  higher intensity. Egyptians and later civilizations had the habit of coloring their sculptures and bas-reliefs, creating wonderful combinations between painting and sculpture, as happened with the beautiful polychrome carvings of Spanish sacred art. What is new is that now this fusion encompasses many more aspects of art. Architecture surprises us with buildings and skyscrapers that in themselves turn out to be huge and marvelous pieces of sculpture merging both disciplines, while with "Symbiosism" painting and photography are combined to create something new, impossible without the support of the technology. The artistic disciplines that come together in symbiosis thanks to the new media are increasingly disparate.


Now the photographer is no longer a mere eyewitness trying to capture moments or events, he is also a protagonist who participates in the development of his work, he paints on his work, he is a painter and a photographer.


"Hyperrealism" and "photographic realism" tried to achieve photographic quality through painting in their works and "Symbiosism" in one of its modalities, reverses that process by making photography painting.





"Everything that is successfully perpetuated over time is part of a Symbiosis".

Chicote CFC

Simbiosismo - Chicte CFC
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