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Iván Larra's Art Exhibition Eurostars Hotel Real 5* GL Santander

It is not the first art exhibition that we have organized in this hotel, but even so, we are still excited to share it with you because even if you have not been to Santander, you easily recognize the Hotel Real. This hotel from the Eurostars Hotel Company chain is a true symbol of the city and so says the review on its website that the Eurostars Hotel Real 5*GL is not just a simple accommodation: it is the "Santander Hotel".

It is a historic building with its own personality that, from its privileged location at the top of Santander Bay, is closely linked to the identity of the Cantabrian capital.

On this occasion we have brought the work of the sculptor Iván Larra to its French-style rooms under the light of its large windows that offer privileged views of the Cantabrian Sea.

Iván Larra is an artist from Madrid who has accumulated numerous prizes, scholarships and national and international residences and his work is in collections inside and outside of Spain, and he tells us about his work like this:

My work interprets the world and those who inhabit it through what is essential and common to all human beings and cultures: the body we inhabit.

It could be said that an obvious beauty does not appear in it, but appeals to something transcultural, mestizo, and exotic, to a beauty of the body that resides in gestures, where we normally do not look for it. They are figures that through their posture generate emotional and sensitive atmospheres, establishing links with the observer. Gestures that convey fragility, pride, power, vulnerability, seduction or loneliness, that communicate through that visual code that we all share and recognize.

With each piece I make I try to talk about the Universal of the Human Being starting from the concrete, from the singularity of the particular body of the model, be it real or imagined.

On this occasion, the exhibition includes 12 pieces by the sculptor made of various materials such as bronze, marble or ceramic. All of them are for sale and as always, they are delivered together with the certificate of authenticity signed by the author.

The exhibition is open free of charge until July 7th to all those who, staying at the hotel or not, want to discover the exhibition of the artist Iván Larra in this emblematic hotel in the Cantabrian capital.

Catálogo Eurostars Iván Larra - Hotel Real 5_GL
Download PDF • 1.06MB

While you look for a space in the agenda to visit the exhibition, we leave you the catalog of the sculptures that you will see there.


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