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Krum Stanoev's art exhibition at Eurostars Mirasierra Suites 5* Madrid

We are once again holding an exhibition in the capital together with the Eurostars Hotel Company chain in one of its benchmark hotels in the financial district of Madrid: The Eurostars Mirasierra Suites 5*.

The natural light that we find in the lobby makes this place the perfect setting to display the sculptural artwork of the artist Krum Stanoev, whose selected 7 pieces evoke the human essence and nature.

Of Bulgarian origin, Krum Stanoev specialized in Engraving at the "Nicolai Pavlovich" Faculty of Fine Arts in his hometown, and after his formative stage focused on the plastic arts, he began his journey through numerous exhibition spaces demonstrating his technical ability and his exceptional ability to make intangible concepts visible to the viewer. This is the case of this art exhibition in which the artist is inspired by the "evocative power" that all the arts have to create rhythmic and harmonious repetitions of the elements.

Stanoev's work is conceived as a reflection on the dynamic patterns that nature offers, in this way, he portrays the movement of plants, granting freedom and lightness to each of the works.

When we ask him about his work, he tells us how fascinated he is by the evocative power and effectiveness that, in music, poetry or plastic arts, the repetition of sounds, words and shapes or volumes has, the rhythmic and harmonious superposition of elements. From there derives his interest in the moment in which he perceives beauty, when all this is evident. That is why he directs his reflection towards the dynamic patterns that nature offers, the result of observing the fractal properties of plants to later apply them in his compositions, sometimes even when it comes to the human figure.

On September 29, the opening of this art exhibition took place and… we are really happy to say that it was a complete success! We want to thank all the attendees in this #post for dedicating a little bit of their time to share with us and with the artist an afternoon surrounded by art in which to make their artwork known and to be able to listen in first person to the artist explaining the perspective of his work, as well as his answers to all the questions that arose from among the attendees to learn more and better about his artwork.

The art exhibition can be visited until November 27, and you can access to it, whether or not you are a hotel guest, for free. In the exhibition area you will find at your disposal all the information about the artworks and the author, on posters and QR codes, and of course you can always consult the hotel staff or direct to one of the contact points that you will find in the brochure of the exhibition to get more information or make any query regarding the acquisition of any of the exhibited pieces.

Catálogo Eurostars - Krum Stanoev
Download PDF • 1.05MB

While you are looking for a slot in the agenda to visit this art exhibition, we leave you the catalog of the sculptures that you will see there.


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