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Jackson Pollock

He was born on January 28, 1912, and died in August 1956. He was an influential American painter and one of the most important figures in the Abstract Expressionism movement.

During his life he had a lot of fame and notoriety, being one of the main artists of his generation. Pollock had an introverted and volatile personality, in addition to alcohol problems that he had to deal with throughout his life.

He married the American artist Lee Krasner in 1945, also a member of the abstract expressionism current, which became an important influence on his career and his legacy as an artist after her death.

Pollock died in a car accident at the age of 44.

Jackson Pollock and abstract expressionism

Jackson Pollock is one of the main representatives of Abstract Expressionism, an artistic trend that was born in the first half of the 20th century in the United States and spread decades later throughout the world. He highlights his experimentation with action painting or dripping, a technique characterized by pouring, dripping, dripping and splashing paint on the surface of a canvas. In this way Pollock was able to transmit speed and movement in his painting, using a multitude of colors and adding elements such as sand and pieces of glass to give texture and volume to his paintings.

In his painting there were no rules or norms, the canvas was on the floor or attached to the wall and it was he who moved around the canvas, literally pouring the paint on it.

The action painting movement, which is within the current of abstract expressionism, and whose technique essentially lies in the necessary participation

The artist's physical involvement literally breaks with traditional tools such as brushes and easels and, therefore, also breaks with all stereotypes when it comes to painting. The painting thus becomes pure movement and creativity.

Jackson Pollock said that the floor was the place where he felt most comfortable and closest to the painting, in order to participate more in it, since he could walk around the canvas and work from any of its sides, literally getting into his paintings .

In the 1950s, Pollock had already achieved great fame and notoriety in the artistic world of the United States and with his style of painting began to be a reference for new generations of artists, becoming one of the North American artists. most important of the twentieth century, both for his contribution to abstract expressionism and for his important role in the development of action painting.

Pollock is a fundamental reference within abstract painting, since he creates a completely new style that will develop with other painters in later decades.

In his painting there are no norms, norms, nor conventions. He understands art as a completely different expression from how it had been done until then.

Abstract expressionism conceives art from a different angle and perspective. It is emotion, strength, color, movement and dynamism. Art is no longer a form of formal and rigid expression, but it admits everything, it does not close to anything and creativity and innovation are its two greatest exponents.

Abstract art and more specifically the current of abstract expressionism completely revolutionizes the world of art, in which everything fits, as long as it is well done. It is not necessary to stick to a certain technique, simply that the mind of the artist creates and imagines without limits.

This is the beauty of this style, since the artist and the canvas are a single thing in which only the artist's imagination sets limits when creating a work.

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