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Juan Ramón Martín's Art Exhibition in Eurostars Mirasierra Suites 5* Madrid

The first art exhibition in the capital organized together with the Eurostars Hotel Company chain takes place in one of its reference establishments in the financial district of Madrid due its large spaces, elegant suites, excellent atmosphere and refined setting, endowed with abundant natural light.

It is precisely that abundant natural light that we find in the lobby that completes the staging of the sculptures that make up the latest series produced by the architect and sculptor Juan Ramón Martín, allowing the viewer to contemplate the works inspired by the machinery of ancient clocks history in a game of brilliance and moving light that accompany each piece.

The sculptural sample is a unique series of clear and elegant lines, made of cold-forged solid brass, machined and with screwed joints. The inspiration in the machinery of historical clocks refers to the passage of time and the silence of the days. It is perhaps one of the most representative series of the artist, due to its marked influence of geometric abstraction and constructivist art of the early 20th century, a style that characterizes his work.

Here the author seeks that each sculpture that is presented to the viewer is a unique image, a proposal, an equation, an approach or starting point. The solution is open. Sculpture is, like any artistic manifestation, a weapon loaded with reasons, intuitions and thoughts.

And it is that the author explains to us that he is especially interested in a well-executed work: precision and constructive cleanliness. I consider the clarity of ideas and their plastic expression as a work engine. Two elements of a sculpture must be joined by a link that acts as a transition between them: it can be an empty space or a steel element that links in the best way; as if it were two words joined by their respective conjunctions or adverbs. Syntax is essential.

On May 26, the exhibition "The months and the hours" was inaugurated and this is how the sculptor Juan Ramón Martín presented it to the attendees:

The exhibition can be visited until July 15 and you can access it, whether or not you are a hotel guest, for free. In the exhibition area you will find at your disposal all the information about the works and the author, in posters and QR codes, and of course you can always consult the hotel staff or go to one of the contact points that you will find in the brochure of the exhibition. exhibition to expand the information or make any query regarding the acquisition of any of the exhibited pieces.

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