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Joaquín González's Art Exhibition Eurostars Hotel Real 5* GL Santander

We love writing posts in which we share with you the art exhibitions that we organize, and this one in particular is a very special one that makes us very excited because it is not every day that you have the honor of exhibiting an art sampling in such an emblematic place. Because even if you haven't been to Santander, you easily recognize the Hotel Real. This hotel of the Eurostars Hotel Company chain is a symbol of the city and we could not agree more with the review made by the chain itself on its website The Eurostars Hotel Real 5*GL is not just a simple accommodation: it is the “Santander Hotel”.

Images from the Eurostars Hotel Real 5* GL Santander website

It is an elegant, historic building with its own personality that, from its privileged location on top of a hill overlooking the Bay of Santander, is closely linked to the identity of the Cantabrian capital.

Between its French-style halls and its large windows that offer privileged views of the Cantabrian Sea, is the latest art exhibition that we have organized from ArteActual together with Eurostars, formed by a set of sculptural busts that testify to the Spanish-Cuban cultural fusion that characterizes Cuban artist Joaquín González.

The “Symphony” serie is made up of ten unique pieces in a contemporary style that contrast with the classic style of the hotel, in which an exquisite combination of contrasts also reigns. Thus, the sculptures are integrated into an environment that perfectly combines the classicism of a historic building with contemporary innovation, surrounded by light and luxury.

The cuban artist Joaquín González
The cuban artist Joaquín González

Joaquín González was born in the city of Guantánamo, Cuba, in January 1961, he has lived in Spain since childhood, he was trained by participating in the Spanish-Cuban culture that characterizes him so much, cultivating areas such as music, painting and sculpture, defining a style own, which is reflected both on the canvas and in the sculpture, giving rise to a very suggestive work, described as precious, and which is present in numerous collections spread over different countries.

If we had to highlight something of the work that is exhibited at the Eurostars Hotel Real 5* GL, it would undoubtedly be its great dreamlike content: in it, color and geometry take center stage, creating unique and elegant busts where each piece has a matchless design. Each sculpture is presented as a thinking head that houses various small worlds of creativity, which at the same time come together in harmony when viewed as a whole. Thus, the artist with this serie intends to convey to the viewer the idea that "different ways of thinking make life a symphony".

Photographs exhibition unique serie "Symphony"

The emblematic hotel in Santander invites all those, whether staying at the hotel or not, who want to discover the exhibition of the artist Joaquín González, come and visit it before June 24th. The first to do so were the guests at the inauguration on April 21st, including various media whose reviews we will share in this post. We leave you some images of the event.

The TV program "100% Cantabria, Land of talent" of the regional channel Cantabria TV interviewed the artist and you can see the program broadcast on May 4th here.

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